About the Archives

NCCU Archives Record and History Center

tumblr_static_nccu-avatarThe James E. Shepard Memorial Library University Archives and Records is an important resource for collecting, preserving, interpreting and explaining the history of North Carolina Central University and explaining Twentieth Century African American history through material culture, the built environment, living memories and archival records. The archival area is the repository for documentary, photographic, and other materials of historic value to the college.


The mission of the University Archives and Records is to emerge as a major repository that acquires preserves and make accessible these University records that have permanent historical value. These include the records of major administrative affairs offices, such as the Board of Trustees, the Presidents & Chancellors and the Provost.

The strength and focus of our collections are in the areas that reflect and support the teaching and research needs of the students, faculty, and researchers on the North Carolina Central University campus. These resources are housed in one of the four collecting units: Manuscripts, Photographs, Rare Books, and the University Archives.

Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to promote the understanding and comprehension of NCCU resources and archives. By creating a blog space that is easier to understand and navigate the archives hope to share their knowledge with the North Carolina Central community and beyond.

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