Division of Student Affairs Photo Collection

Walking into the middle floor of the Student Services building has just become a blast from the past. The Division of Student Affairs has been putting together a large collection of photos from North Carolina Central Universities past.

“I want them (the students) to get the feeling that someone paved the way from them,” said Samantha Hargrove, Director of Marketing and Communications. “Our students come from all over so it’s interesting for them to see who and what traditions they are continuing.”

Miron P. Billingsley, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, first proposed the project. He wanted to create a more professional look and feel for the Student Services building. Everything in the collection is student centered; for the students and about the students. It is a place to give students feelings of comfort and ease; to conjure up nostalgia for days gone by.

The Division of Student Affairs plans to place several more pictures. A small selection of the pictures can be found in the gallery below. They range from the 1910 to 1990s. Subjects in the pictures include: Martin Luther King Jr., Coach Mike Bernard and the 1989 championship team, Dr. Shepard, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, track Coach LeRoy T. Walker, and many more. Many of the images are from the Alex M. Rivera photographic collection located in the university archives at Shepard Library.

“They tell you the history,” comments Hargrove. “Like walking into grandma’s house and seeing your family.”

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